Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

Hart failure

Whoops (again)!

According to Betsan Powys’ blog the health minister has sent out a statement that clarifies (sic) the earlier one.

First, in January, the Minister said ‘to hell with NICE’ (paraphrased), there would be funding for Sutent and some other drugs. Then NICE announced they weren’t cost effective yesterday. The Minister ‘clarified’ her first position and said that January’s decision would be superceded by the NICE guidance. Hold the prescriptions for these drugs, in other words, they are not cost effective – repeat, not cost effective.

Then, as Betsan Powys revealed, the Minister had further clarified her position, to say she was mulling over NICE’s guidance and taking advice from clinicians. Just a thought, but perhaps the free prescriptions policy was coming back with a bite – given that if the drugs are NHS Wales-approved then they’ll be free to the cancer sufferers.

Disgusted’s opinion: the Health Minister is getting a little excitable and prone to announcements that she later regrets. Prescription (free of course): a cold shower or a spell in a darkened room with a damp cloth over the eyes.


Greedy swine flu

Rhodri Morgan has been a bit naughty. As Betsan Powys and the Western Mail reported, he more or less renamed Kirsty Williams’ party the Welsh Fib Dems. The Libs had said, “What kind of guidance allows civil servants to take first class flights and live this superstar lifestyle?”

The Libs’ accusation turned out to be a little bit wrong, as credit card bills showed none of WAG’s wags had taken first class flights. Welsh voters are left to imagine the sight of Kirsty Williams perfectly aiming a shot through her foot. The whole sorry story leaves no reputation untouched, as the Western Mail has clearly got very excited at Rhodri’s claim of a lie and is now faithfully reporting that in place of the alleged profligacy of WAG’s men and women abroad.

EDIT: Apparently first class tickets have shown up now! The whole basis of my blog post undermined…