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Sexy Welsh politicians
27/02/2010, 11:29 pm
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Imagine a nightmare world where a spam message sparks a news story.

Well in the Western Mail today you don’t have to.

Look forward to the General Election campaign, where we’ll have a debate about how much v1agra the Barnett block could buy.


Disgusted is back: what you’ve missed
16/12/2009, 6:16 pm
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Hello you rock ‘n’ rollers!

Disgusted is back – and more disgusted than ever. Naturally.

So what insights have you missed?

  1. Carwyn Jones is Our New Dear Leader (Sincere condolences for your mother, Mr Jones).
  2. Carwyn unveils his new cabinet, or maybe it’s more a Welsh dresser (like Eleanor Burnham).
  3. Mohammad Asghar becomes a Welsh Conservative. Plaid has sour grapes. Twice. All faithfully reported cut & pasted by Martin Shipton.
  4. Peter Black tries to tar both Plaid and the Tories. He can only dream about Welsh Lib Dem gaining more than the six seats his party has been stuck on since 1999.
  5. Meanwhile Wales’ awful unemployment figures continue. One can only marvel that WAG seems to think ILO unemployment is a dodgy measure of unemployment. It’s a bit like when WAG decided that the internationally-recognised GVA measures weren’t going to be used because they exposed WAG’s pisspoor economic development policies.
  6. Then today Plaid get on their high horses about Martyn Jones MP’s absolute howler, where he called for, err, free prescriptions in Wales (a few years too late). Plaid took the piss about the cut and paste job, with their own cut and paste job (thanks to Betsan Powys) –

Plaid MP Hywel Williams responds like this:

“Oh dear, it appears that someone has not been paying very much attention. I’d be the last to suggest that, in the Christmas rush, he may have put his name to a ready made press release but it is rather an embarrassing oversight!

“On a positive note, I am glad to see him supporting a policy that the Plaid driven One-Wales government is rightly very proud of – and something that he feels Gordon Brown is playing catch up with Welsh policy over.”

While Plaid AM Janet Ryder responds like this:

“It appears that the MP has not been paying very much attention to what is actually happening in Clwyd South. I’d be the last to suggest that, in the Christmas rush, he may have put his name to a ready made press release but it is rather an embarrassing oversight!

“On a positive note, I am glad to see him supporting a policy that the Plaid driven One-Wales government is rightly very proud of and something that he feels Gordon Brown is playing catch up with Welsh policies. Next year voters will get a chance to vote for someone who will put the people of the area first and not lose touch.”

Hart failure

Whoops (again)!

According to Betsan Powys’ blog the health minister has sent out a statement that clarifies (sic) the earlier one.

First, in January, the Minister said ‘to hell with NICE’ (paraphrased), there would be funding for Sutent and some other drugs. Then NICE announced they weren’t cost effective yesterday. The Minister ‘clarified’ her first position and said that January’s decision would be superceded by the NICE guidance. Hold the prescriptions for these drugs, in other words, they are not cost effective – repeat, not cost effective.

Then, as Betsan Powys revealed, the Minister had further clarified her position, to say she was mulling over NICE’s guidance and taking advice from clinicians. Just a thought, but perhaps the free prescriptions policy was coming back with a bite – given that if the drugs are NHS Wales-approved then they’ll be free to the cancer sufferers.

Disgusted’s opinion: the Health Minister is getting a little excitable and prone to announcements that she later regrets. Prescription (free of course): a cold shower or a spell in a darkened room with a damp cloth over the eyes.

Hart’s health mess up
26/08/2009, 12:02 pm
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Only months after ordering local health boards that cancer drugs should be NHS-funded Edwina Hart, WAG’s health minister, has had to announce the withdrawal of funding thanks to NICE’s decision that the drugs weren’t cost effective.

WAG’s very own Iron Lady started throwing her weight around at the beginning of year over the funding for the drugs – trade names Nexavar, Sutent, Torisel and the nautical-sounding Avastin.

Now she has flip-flopped on the decision, performing a complete volte face (farce, surely?), saying she expects health boards now to follow the NICE guidelines. This of course after she told them in January to listen to her orders instead.

The real boob was to misjudge the decision by NICE, which has been under fire for its decision not to fund these drugs. At the time Hart said she found it ‘unacceptable’ that people should have to wait any longer for Sutent, the kidney cancer drug. Presumably it is now acceptable that instead of waiting on the decision they now have nothing to wait for, since the drug is not available on the NHS.

Stories you might have missed
21/08/2009, 8:59 am
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The successful policy of Cardiff Council to gridlock the city during weekdays is extended to the weekend.

The gender gap in A-Level results reporting continues (97% of pretty girls were photographed celebrating their results, while only 65% of photogenic boys appeared in newspaper coverage).

The All Wales Convention deadline for responses closed. Skies all over Wales responded in biblical fashion with torrential rain.

The sweet smell of desperation
19/08/2009, 9:53 am
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Yowser. There’s a front page splash on the Western Mail today about Welsh Tory ‘links’ to a ‘think tank’ that had called for the NHS to be abolished.

“A RIGHT-WING Tory website and think tank was under fire last night after calling for the dismantling of the “Stalinist” NHS and its replacement by compulsory medical insurance for all,” thundered the paper.

Disgusted may be missing something but doesn’t recall seeing any left-wing Tory websites on the interweb.

Carwyn Jones, who found the site during one of his legendary internet sessions, said:

“I was appalled when I found this article on this group’s website. It’s a direct attack on the NHS and shows the real thinking in the minds of so many Tory MPs.”

This ‘real thinking’, by the way, was encapsulated by Tory MP Peter Bone, who considered ways to “provide everybody in this country with access to the same level of high quality health care, when they need it, at no huge additional cost.” The bastard!

In fact the whole premise of the story seems to fall apart once you get past the headline. Once again, the desperate Western Mail is determined to milk this non-story for all it’s worth – and Labour is desperately trying to smear the Tories as the ‘party of cuts’, when cuts are what is needed to put obese public finances back in shape.

A load of hot air from Cardiff council
18/08/2009, 9:35 am
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Disgusted’s beady eye was drawn to this piece in today’s Echo. It’s full of praise for Cardiff council. Exhibit A:

“Cardiff council is one South Wales authority which says it’s helping to lead the way and is committed to making a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2018.”

However, a walk through the butchered heart of the capital suggests there are gaps in Cardiff’s amazing carbon dioxide emissions measures. The areas from the top of Queen Street (by Aneurin Bevan) up to the vast shopping monstrosity that towers over the Hayes have been newly repaved. And yet there is absolutely no designated area for cyclists.

This is in addition to the warren of streets by the church, down to St Mary Street and by the Central Market. Cyclists aren’t allowed on Queen Street during the day. Oh, and there are no cycle paths practically anywhere in the entire city centre. The signs denoting the cycle path coming into the city from the west on Cardiff Bridge have been crossed out.

Is Cardiff Council’s talk about being a ‘sustainable city’ just a load of hot air?