Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

London’s sudden interest in Welsh news

Like an unused plastic bag flapping in the wind the story about the Assembly Government’s dalliance with charging up to 15p a pop for plastic bags just keeps coming back. Suddenly there are stories in the Times and the Telegraph about it

The source for these stories appears to be Jane Davidson – the Welsh environment minister – talking to the Times about the plans. If Welsh ministers are smart enough they will bend the ear of the London-based journalists more often, with soothing tales about how great WAG’s policies are.


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Reality is that more Welsh voters are likely to read about it in London-based media.

But the battle for fair play for Wales in the UK isn’t just about politics. Two Welsh-produced programmes last night denied Wales. S4C’s “Bro” on Caerffili reproduced the out-dated canard that Castell Morgraig is English. And BBC Wales production “Rivers” on the Hafren and Gwy – or, as they called it, ‘the west’ – was, unbelievably, pro-Saxon, not even English!

What is it with these Cardiff media people?

Comment by Pelagius

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