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Brown trouser time
22/07/2009, 12:31 pm
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Not enough ‘copters in Afghanistan, is the blunt verdict of one (Malloch) Brown to another. The outgoing FCO chief for Asia and Africa, Lord Malloch Brown, has supported calls for greater numbers of helicopters in Afghanistan for Our Boys and Girls.

Thanks to the current media furore about helicopters and troops dying, not much prominence is given to Malloch Brown’s assertions about the whole campaign,

“Foreign Office minister Lord Malloch-Brown also called into question Gordon Brown’s insistence that the war was being fought to stop Afghan terrorists carrying out attacks on Britain. He claimed that Pakistan and Somalia presented a greater threat.”

S’true. Three out of the four 7/7 bombers were strongly linked to Pakistan and many of the suspects picked up in subsequent terror raids seem to have made shady visits to the country.

Somalia, on the hand, is a complete mess. The ‘government’ only notionally controls the state, and has more of a sphere of influence around the capital, Mogadishu, than a stable power base. In the power vacuum the place is becoming overrun with a group called al-Shabaab (‘The Youth’), which has recently touched base over the interweb with leading figures of al Qaeda. In other words, it’s turning into ‘the new Afghanistan’. Will we have to wait for another 9/11 before doing anything?


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