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Wales let down (again) by BBC
21/07/2009, 10:05 am
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Wonks at Ofcom have found that in 2004-2008 the hours of BBC Wales’s regional news broadcast in Wales fell from 454 to 365. ‘The BBC is letting Wales down’, says David Williamson.

The fact that this happened in rather prosperous times is worrying. There will be a licence fee renegotiation in the next few years and it is likely to a tight one, given the UK Government’s noises about top-slicing lately. The axe should not be allowed to fall on Welsh programming. Welsh media are in a dire state as it is.

This isn’t the first time that the BBC’s withered coverage of Wales has been exposed. The King report found a year or two ago that coverage of stories with relevance to Wales on network news was paltry. The BBC’s tendency to retreat to a safe place while under attack was displayed. Then Director General Mark Thompson talked up the BBC’s record of delivering impartial news (hardly any of it about Wales on the network) and transparency (“We only know how bad it is because the BBC was generous enough to commission the report”).

Expect similar fig leaves this time.


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This is just an other indication of the decline of media in Wales – print audio and visual.
Is this a response to the market or a response to cuts being actioned where there will be less fuss.

Comment by Valleysmam

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