Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

A load of hot air (and presses)
10/07/2009, 8:54 am
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Yowser! Hot on the heels of the FT’s fulsome coverage of Cardiff and Wales earlier this week there was even a reference to the Welsh Assembly in the south Wales ‘edition’ of the Metro newspaper.

Wales is once more bottom of a league table but this time it’s a good one. Accompanied by thermal images, the article shows the cost of lost heat energy in Parliament is £7,191 per year (no, I’m not sure how that was worked out either). Next was the Scottish Parliament’s £463.40 and Buckingham Palace loses some £1,038. The Senedd loses just £95.98 a year in lost heat energy. Hurrah!

And who were those altruistic souls who went round taking these thermal images and sat up late crunching the numbers? A company called IRT Energy, who make…thermal imaging pictures! In case you were in any doubt that this was a glorified advert masquerading as a news piece the chief of IRT is quoted (emphasis added),

“The technology behind IRT Energy is so accurate and the analysis so quick, for the first time it is now physically possible to survey and analyse every home in the country, with obvious implications for the Government’s environmental targets.”

The boss closes with the hard sell,

“With thermal imaging technology being developed for use in everything from breast cancer detection to new car technology and IRT Energy’s ability to handle millions of images, the potential for future applications is literally limitless.”

Not bad work for a free front page advert on the Metro!


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