Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

No purchase necessary
18/06/2009, 10:32 am
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It’s good to see the Lib Dems agreeing with Disgusted’s comments on the wastefulness of Trident (more comment from Peter Black).

The vultures are once more circling around the mangled corpse of Parliament’s reputation. The thing that gets Disgusted’s (non-taxpayer funded) goat is that not a lot of shopping around appears to have gone into some of these purchases. Many of the things Disgusted has spotted on the latest receipts (phone contracts etc) could have been purchased at much lower price. The problem seems to be the culture of expenses claiming. Because it has been completely free to MPs they appear to have got very casual with the whole thing.

Speaking of freebies, the Tories have said they’ll scrap free prescriptions. While the idea of subsidising drugs seems very sensible (Wales has quite lot of chronic sickness and poverty, unfortunately) Disgusted does wonder whether it’s the best use of resources. How about a graduated system, a bit like a bulk buy? The cost of things is important. When things are free people treat them as such and, for the better off in society, they end up getting tossed around like freesheet newspapers. Disgusted has heard first-hand from patients going on holiday who have had anti-biotics prescriptions handed to them by doctors on the basis that they’re hard to come by in the holiday country.

PS Haven’t heard anything from Plaid lately. In the interests of balance Disgusted would like to write about them; give me some material, guys (and girls)!


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