Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

Rumours of our demise…

Freedom Central, the Welsh Lib Dem version of Pravda, was reporting earlier that Welsh Labour had closed. Disgusted’s brief call earlier confirmed that this was the case. Before Plaid and the Welsh Lib Dem’s start celebrating, this was only a temporary measure. Apparently it was just a fire alarm.

In other less important news, the UK Government’s techno-wonk, Lord Carter, published the Digital Britain White Paper yesterday. The paper has been in the offing for ages, following the interim report earlier this year. It was also informed by Ofcom’s second public service broadcasting review. The story for Wales was also one of demise. ITV was broke and its ITV Wales content was about to disappear down the plughole forever.

Meanwhile twitters-in-chief and other techno-prophets promised the internet would provide the solution: cheap vox pop videos by untrained Western Mail hacks, anyone? Anyway, Carter has suggested using part of the licence fee to fund the rollout of porn-friendly broadband. Naturally the BBC wasn’t too pleased about this idea. But the element of the licence fee that Carter suggested is currently reserved not to the BBC but to the digital switchover (including the switchover’s mascot: the bastard son of the Smash Aliens). When the switchover is done this money will be sitting around gathering dust, as BBC execs salivate over the prospect of filling Jonathan Ross’s pockets with it. If we were to divide this £200m ‘surplus’ among the nations and regions Wales could get its 5%, or £10m (or 1.8 Welsh NHS’s). This is not far off ITV Wales’s current costs. Bingo.


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