Disgusted of Llandrindod Wells

15/06/2009, 3:26 pm
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Disgusted is back, and more disgusted than ever. My apologies for the absence of posts last week, which was due to family business and a few other things.

I am catching up on the news, mainly through the Western Mail. Summarised, their recent coverage of Welsh issues: the scandalous figure of £x has been spent brazenly/immorally/secretly by Y.

The financial comings and goings of our honourable members, WAGs and National Ass’es is one story. We could go over that again and again until people are so sick and disillusioned with politics that we end up with ‘representatives’ like Nick ‘No foreigners allowed to stand for my party’ Griffin.

Above these stories is another strata of money-wasting, one so eye-wateringly large yet barely spoken about. For example, MPs estimated that at 2006 prices the Trident nuclear warheads would cost some £14.9bn (not including the new submarines that would be needed to carry the precious and destructive cargo). Expressed another way, that’s 2.7 Welsh NHS’s, using the figure of £5.5bn from WAG’s budgets. By the way, England’s NHS IT upgrade (sic) was projected to cost 0.8 Welsh NHS’s but has since gone through the roof and launched into the atmosphere. The London Olympics in 2012 are set to cost about 1.8 Welsh NHS’s.

I’ve not done the math for other fields of Welsh expenditure but it’s an exercise that would be worth doing.

Incidentally, to measure time you might use the 45 minute unit, based on Iraqi WMDs (sic x 10,000,000): e.g. the Education and Training LCO took more than 12,500 WMDs.


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[…] £200m ’surplus’ among the nations and regions Wales could get its 5%, or £10m (or 1.8 Welsh NHS’s). This is not far off ITV Wales’s current costs. Bingo. 0 Comments No Comments so far […]

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